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We designed the ClickPack Anti-theft Backpack as a result to combine “security, storage, convenience, comfort and beauty.

ClickPack Pro is a multifunctional backpack stuck to "safety and security" with quadruple security function.

Quadruple security function:
① Prevention of theft inside the backpack by TSA lock
② Prevention of removal by stainless metal wire lock
③ Prevention of pickpocketing by YKK's latest fraudulent opening and closing fastener
④ Rupture by a strong blade material that can withstand even the cutlery Prevention of splash ·

The ClickPack Pro Is The Best Functional And Stylish Backpack To Protect You From Theft.

This backpack – the ClickPack Pro, made by Korin Design, is a backpack fit to give a peace of mind and a home for everything you need to take along.

Its quadruple anti-theft protection allows you to enjoy the scenery of wherever you may be, without having to worry about whether you’ll lose your things or not.

It also has a retractable metal lock, and a YKK double layer, explosion proof zipper.

The ClickPack Pro has special slash resistant fabric that is 40% stronger than Kevlar, so you can be sure someone won’t be able to get through your backpack.

On top of these features, the ClickPack Pro also has RFID Magnetic strips to keep your credit cards safe,
built-in reflectors for the evening, and has double layer rain protection to handle those tough weather conditions.

The ClickPack Pro has five major storage compartments for you to store all your needs.

You can even power up your electronic devices using your ClickPack Pro.


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