Anti-theft Technologies


Ensure the safety of your belongings by setting a personal password with our TSA lock feature.


Patented Retractable Metal Wire

Attach your backpack to tables, chairs, or any other spots to assure the safety of your belongings using our patented retractable metal wire.


Double layer Explosion-proof Zipper

Our double-layer explosion-proof zipper prevents the chain from being easily punctured by pens and other objects, adding an extra layer of security.

Ergonomics OF Straps

Experience a more comfortable wearing experience with our ergonomic straps, designed to effectively reduce fatigue and minimize damage to your body even during long periods of carrying.

Level 5 Cut-proof Fabric

Our special fabric with multiple layers offers Level 5 cut-proof protection, effectively preventing damage from sharp objects.

Shockproof Buffer Structure

Keep your items safe and undamaged even if the backpack accidentally falls off, thanks to our shockproof buffer structure.

Waterproof Fabric

Travel fearlessly, no matter the weather, with our waterproof fabric that keeps your belongings dry and protected.

Easy Charging With Built-In USB Adapter

Conveniently charge your electronic devices without the need to open the backpack by simply placing your own power bank inside, thanks to our built-in USB adapter.

Modular Storage System

Our backpack's modular storage system provides limitless possibilities, whether you're packing for work, travels, shopping, or any other errands. Stay organized and have everything you need at your fingertips.